UTP Cable CAT 5e Belden Datatwist 1583A (Original USA)

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UTP Cable Type CAT 5e Non Plenum (Grey) High Quality (HQ)
Connection Applicable 10 base-T, 100 base-T, ATM, Ethernet, token ring, TP-PMD Audio, telephone, multimedia network
Temperature Range -20 to +75�C
Insulation Material Polyolefin
Jacket Material PVC
Max. Pulling Tension 45 lbs.
Applicable Specifications TIA/EIA Category 6 Draft 10
Flame Rating and Test UL Type CMR, UL 1666, C(UL) Type CMR, CSA FT4
Dimension (WHD) Cable Length : 300 meter, Nom. Diameter 0.265′ Avg. (0.225′ x 0.310′)
Alnect Care Warranty No Warranty
Standard Warranty No Standard Warranty
Others Genuine Made in USA
Weight 15 kg


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