Rp 7,600,000

  •     Laptop MSI X460-253XID / 253XIDK
  •     Pro Intel Core i7 2670M
  •     CPU Speed 2.2 Ghz
  •     RAM DDR3 8 GB
  •     HDD 640 GB
  •     Display LCD 14”
  •     Vga Nvidia Geforce GT540M 2 GB
  •     Camera, Card Reader, Wifi, DVD-RW, Bluetooth
  •     DOS Operating System
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Excellent surround soundwith THX TruStudio Pro
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Offering8X more speed, Bluetooth 3.0 officially unveiled

Targeting your need for speed, Bluetooth 3.0 transfers up to 24Mbps (3MB/s), delivering180MB of data in one minute. Overcoming the transfer limitations of Bluetooth 2.1, new generation Bluetooth isn’t limited to transferring small files on handheld devices; rather, Bluetooth 3.0 has no problem sharing data between such multimedia systems, suchas HDTV, Blue-ray DVD,digital photo frames, and printers.

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